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மை கல்யாணத்தில் வரன் பதிங்க - உங்க கல்யாண தேதியை குறிங்க!

About Us

Founder and CEO

Welcome to most trusted and prestigeous Hindu Matrimony of India.Shri. P.K and Anitha Murugan is the founder of the online site. We are most traditional and preferred match making service of all indians especially Tamil Hindus in our country and abroad. We help you to choose the right,genuine and lovable young soulmates for you. Registration completely free. Happy Life begins through

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One of the couple's secrets to a long and successful marriage is "Always be faithful: always be faithful to one another. When you get married you commit to devoting your life to that person and even when the times are tough, don't believe that the grass is greener...because it isn't." Karam and Katari Chand met in their native land of Punjab, India. Officially having the world's longest lasting marriage. Karam says "My trick is to make Katari laugh. I like to tell jokes and make her smile. "


How We work?

1. Detailed manual screening of every profile
2. Genuine verified profile and contact informations
3. Highest level of privacy and security
4.People can benefit from finding the right match for unmarried young boys and girls from all caste and communities in Hindu Religion.
5. Best deals in membership plans.


6. No hidden charges.
7.Online registration,
8. Send along with 2 latest photos,scan or photo copy of Transfer certificate and uploading horoscope in clear view. is userfriendly for clients.


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